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How to setup a 2604 control with a environmental chamber

Hi we have a environmental chamber with a Eurotherm control which we are experiencing problems with since we had it re-setup by an engineer. Effectively we had the compressor changed as it had failed to cool anymore. So after it was repaired the engineer put the controller through a learn process which worked at the time.
A few months later we are experiencing problems and are not sure how to setup the controler. Fundamentally it's using the cooling pack whilst the set point is at 85 (which I believe is wrong) and after some time the cooling pack fails and the temperature rockets over the set point causing the contents of the chamber to fail over temperature.I believe the cooling pack shouldn't be used to at the higher temperatures as it starts to pressure trip due to gas expansion.I believe only the heater should be on at this set point.
Do you have any documents that show how we should setup the controller and whats best practice for environmental chambers. Not just the manual, but a procedure to help us get the chamber running correctly?
Thanks in advance.
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