How do I enable additional features on my 32XX series controller?

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  • This assumes that the controller maintains factory default settings; including passcodes. If the passcodes have been edited and lost, please contact

    These steps are not relevant for the 3216L

    WARNING! Entering Configuration mode will effectively turn off both alarm and control outputs. Please ensure that it is safe to enter configuration mode before doing so.

    To enable additional features on the 32xx series like the Programmer / AA relay we require:

    1. Controller Firmware Version (viewed on start-up)

    2. The PASS.C code

    3. The PASS.2 code

    These can be found by completing the following instructions:

    Step 1: Press and hold for 5 seconds, until the display shows

    Step 2: Use to change the passcode. (Factory default is ‘3’). If an incorrect code is entered, the controller will revert to level 1.

    Step 3: Press until the display shows 'ACCS’

    Step 4: Press to display ‘Config’ on the top line of the display and pause for 2 seconds until the ‘Code’ screen appears

    Step 5: Use to change the passcode (factory default is ‘4’). If an incorrect code is entered the display reverts to the ‘GoTo’ screen.

    Step 6: Press until the display shows ‘ACCESS’

    Step 7: Press until the display shows ‘PASS.C’

    Step 8: Press until the display shows ‘PASS.2’

    Note the values and pass to your local Sales department to be processed.

    You will then be advised of a new PASS.C code to enable your features.

    Exit ‘Config’ by completing the following steps:

    Step 7: Press and hold until the display shows

    Step 8: Press so that the display shows

    The controller will now restart

    Once you receive the new code – only the 'PASS.C' code need changing.

    Note: after entering the new number the display will show a different number, this is normal.
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