Bob Anderson (Technical Support Engineer) March 20, 2013 13:22

How do I setup a 3200 Controller to accept a 4 - 20mA PV input?

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  • Bob Anderson (Technical Support Engineer) March 20, 2013 13:23
    The instrument requires you to fit the 2.49 ohm resistor across V+ and V- to accept the mA input.
    This can be setup via the Quickstart code SET1, by changing the first digit to number 4 for 4 -20mA or by the method below.
    Enter Config Level.

    Once in config Page to Input.
    Press the scroll key.
    Observe IN.TYP.
    Using the arrow keys change this to mu.
    Press the scroll key a few times for MV.HI
    Enter 49.80
    Press the scroll key for MV.LO
    Enter 9.96
    Press the Scroll key for RNG.HI
    Enter the High Range value you wish 20mA to represent.
    Press the Scroll key for RNG.LO
    Enter the Low Range value you wish 4mA to represent.
    Press the Page and the Scroll keys together.
    Observe Conf Goto.
    Select Level 1.

    The instrument will re-start.

    This now ready to accept a 4 – 20mA input.

    This information can be found on our website in the 3200 engineering manual.

    Also Instruction Video’s can be found on YouTube.
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