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HWDiffers alarm

Hi We have a Eurotherm Epower unit that we are trying to install into a machine. When powering comes up with an HWDiffers alarm and we cannot get the unit working. I tried clearing the memory and replacing the cables between the units but I still cannot solve the error. I setup via the quickstart menu. anyone know what to look for?
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  • Bob Anderson (Technical Support Engineer) August 13, 2019 07:11
    Hello Brendan,

    HWDiffers is most commonly associated with the ribbon cable being incorrectly seated or damaged between the Power modules and Driver module.

    Other influences are incorrect power module fitted (ie fitting a 690V to a 600V system), Power module memory corrupted (this is the onboard power module memory chip which holds the configuration details).
    Incorrect quickstart setup, (ie setup for incorrect amount of phases).

    If you are absolutely sure the ribbon cable is sound I would configure the Epower for a single phase module and then try one connecting one module only to see if that works and then attach another module re-test and so on.
    You should detect the fault by then.
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