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I have a new computer running windows 7 without a serial port. I am using a B&B Electronics Model USO9ML2 RS-232 USB adapter. This computer seems unable to connect with the 3504 that I my old computer (with a serial port) could connect with. Does the IR cable work with this adapter?

Do you have any other suggestions?

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  • Hi. Eurotherm have not validated any USB/Serial converters for any specific operating systems however we have found that USB/Serial converters that have the FTDI chipset have typically been reliable with both Windows XP and Windows 7 so far and this is the chipset inside the B&B device therefore I'd expect it to work without problem. You don't say so but I assume this is not a converter you have used before with your old PC. The B&B datasheet shows how to perform a loopback test so I would try this to ensure it works in loopback mode. It also looks as though it uses the RTS/CTS signals on the converter which may need to be linked out. Ensure that Itools has the correct serial port enabled for the converter. If you are not sure which port has been allocated to the USB device go to the Windows Control Panel, select System and then Device Manager, look up the hardware profiles and look at the Port allocations. The USB device should have a Com port number allocated to it. Ensure this port is enabled in the Itools applet registry settings found in the Windows Control Panel.
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