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Is it possible to run Bridge witout being administrator?

As administrator Bridge works fine but as ordinary user it says "system starting" and then shuts down.
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  • Jon (Official Rep) March 28, 2019 14:57
    Hello Stefan,
    When a user connects to a recorder using Bridge, files are (successfully) pulled using FTP and cached in a local folder beneath ProgramData\Eurotherm\Series6000.

    The problem arises when a second user is logged in to Windows and uses Bridge to connect to the same recorder. Files are again pulled using FTP, but fail to be written to disk. This is because files of the same name already exist, but have permissions set in such a way that the second user may not write to them (or delete/overwrite them). However this is not an issue if the second user is an administrator.

    A workaround for the user would be to have an administrator set permissions on the parent Series6000 folder such that files and folders created beneath it would inherit the correct set of permissions (i.e. the right list/group of users would have write access).

    Thanks, Jon
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