Is there a Demand range setting in the 3508 Controller that can be configured via a .UIC file?

We have just restored our 3508 controller (built into an oven) to what should have been the correct settings from when they left the factory of our oven supplier. Our oven supplier gave us what is meant to be a copy of the .UIC file that they used to configure our oven. Since downloading the file to the controller, there are a couple of problems. Firstly when a high or low temperature is selected other than the current room temperature, Demand goes to 100%, but the heaters are not being switched on for long enough to heat up the oven. The oven itself is fine, i.e. all wiring and heaters etc.

So is there a Demand range within the UIC file that has been set to too small a range which is defining 100% Demand at too low a value?

Would there be a separate Demand range for negative temperatures?

Also, the oven on delivery was capable of going to -30 degC. It's lower limit is now only 20 degC. Is there a setting for this as well please?

Any help would be much appreciated.
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