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iTools and Eurotherm Chessell 6180A don't reconnect automatically after power off and on.

Good afternoon,

We have a problem with our iTools OPC server, version 9.55.1. It connects to a Eurotherm Chessell 6180A by TCP/IP. The problem occurs as follows: when a operator is finished using the machine, he switches the power off and with that the Eurotherm Chessell 6180A. At that moment, all signals freeze in iTools OPC Server and the connection is down according to the iTools OPC server. So far so good because the Eurotherm Chessell 6180A has no power anymore. When te power is switched back on, everything starts accept the connection with the iTools OPC server. This is a problem for us because the operator won't notice this until he needs the data aferwards and there is nothing logged. For now we can handle this by manually closing the iTools window/program and start it again, the connection is than back online again. My question: do you know any suggestions or solutions for this to solve, like a setting or a system update?

Ik hope to hear from you. Kind regards,

Bram Klemann
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