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I'm using 2216e for control temperature and I can't setup temperature manually using Up and Down button.
Which parameter I need to change to have this possibility back?
Becouse it was working correctly yesterday.
Jarek Cymerman
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  • Jon (Official Rep) July 17, 2015 07:33
    Hello Jarek,
    Can you go to full access mode first

    Step 1: Press Page button until the display shows ‘ACCS’ (Access)

    Step 2: Press Scroll button until the display shows ‘CODE’

    Step 3: Press Up button to change the passcode (Factory default is ‘1’). ‘PASS’ will be displayed when the correct passcode is entered

    Step 4: Press scroll then the up button until the display shows Full

    Step 5: Push Page+Scroll buttons together for the home display.
    When you press you will now be in full mode.

    Step 6: Repeatedly push the page button to 'SP List' and use the scroll to access 'SP1.L' (Setpoint Low limit) change value as required and push the scroll again for 'SP1H'
    Let me know if the above works,
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