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Memocal 2000 calibrator. I need explanation of Temperature Drift Specification.

I have a question on one of your specs for the Memocal 2000. Under the product specification you list temperature drift as less than 28 ppm/deg c. Can that be expressed as a value in deg c and if so what is that value. I assume that drift specification is associated with the listed operating temperature which is 0 to 40 deg c. So if I was outside of the listed operating temperature range what error would that cause? As an example for a Fluke 2020 calibrator if I am outside of the operating range I need to add .05 deg c for every degree that I am out of the operating range. If I was 5 deg c outside the range it would be 5 times .05 or .25. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I need this answer to comply with 17025 accreditation
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