Mini8 integration issue with Indusoft SCADA software

We are experiencing problems using Mini8 when trying to read / write a program to the Mini8 (programmer1) using a SCADA software package (INDUSOFT).
We are using modbus RTU driver and I have no problem reading / writing all kids of control parameters.
When I use the tables for SCADA parameters: Programmer Address Ranges - Decimal.
For example Segment.1.TargetSP : 8066, Segment.2.type 6112 etc., we see that the parameters are changing in there register after program run.
We thought the program parameters in the program segments registers should stay without change until changed by the user (SCADA software.)
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  • Jon (Official Rep) January 05, 2015 11:38
    Hello Kevin,
    As you know the 32bit addresses have been removed for the 3500/Mini8 products because the addresses can change between different software versions of the products and this is why you have to use the Scada addesses instead - I will send you a Tech Note explaining this in more detail.

    However, the Scada addresses don't change if the program type is not altered, but I suspect you're changing the type from Ramp Rate to Time to target and this would require different offset address(Segment.Duration=4 Segment=RampRate=5) to be added to the Programmer1 segment data - Recommend you keep the program format the same is possible.

    Regards, Jon
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