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no display lighting up 6100 recorder

We have a have the 6100 recorder which was removed from service approx 1 months ago in good working order.
Then we have had it stored since then in a dry healthy environment and now when powering up there is no display lighting up etc.?
We can confirm there is power as the green light is on underneath the flap.

Please suggest some basic troubleshooting steps.
For example: PSU voltage outputs, Voltage input to display circuit etc.
Is it feedback type PSU ? as when we disconnect the PSU connector there is no voltage.
But if with connector in place voltages are:
4.5 VDC, 24 VDC and 1.5 VDC with respect to black wires.

Kindly send us the schematic for the trouble shooting.

We look forward for your kind support and help.
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