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On the fly ramp rate change at x.xx resolution at the controller 3504

The 3504 controls a crystal growth furnace.
We need to make changes in the running ramp/segment on the fly. Let's say the 3504 runs segment 3 which is a ramp rate of 0.25 till temp target of 1140, and we would like to change the ramp rate to 0.28.
We do this by using the addresses that appear in the Program General data table of section 34.4.2 in order to change the running segment directly.
We noticed that in this case it doesn't receive the second decimal value after the point, so appears 0.2 at the Program Status whereas in the Program Edit display it appears 0.28.
The tests showed that it runs 0.2 and not 0.28 as in this example.
in the case we use just one value after the point (ex: 0.4) it works well.
How to make changes on the fly - it means change the current running segment keeping the x.xx resolution?
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