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Pass string value to a list box lintools

Hi, I have a question, is it possible to transfer what is written within the text field within a list box so as to create a historical one?
I would like to create a history of signals that change value or reach a certain threshold.
When this happens the text field of that signal is written inside a list box and another button resets the list box.

thanks all.
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  • Hello Andrea

    Actually what you describe is what happens in eSuite Systems using the Lin Tag's Fields. Each change or alarm will be entered in alarm and event databases, stored and can be viewed.
    If you have PAC Tools installed and have all documents installed you can look for detiled information eg. the Project Organiser.

    Scada systems we use are based on Wonderware Intouch and have configurated shell to use these "Embedded" fields.
    A Driver fo iFix is available having simular features.

    This is all based on an access database and data stored in SQL Server database.

    But it is available on LinOPC Level and with some serious effort you can use this.

    Good Luck
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