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Power Supply problems on Eurotherms Drives Voltage Sags


My name is Emilio Toscano and I work as electrical engineer in UTE Uruguay the power distribution company here in Uruguay. One of our industrial customers have problems in its manufacturing process (plastic packaging) with the voltage sags presents in the voltage supply given by my company. The power supply given for this factory is 30kV three phase 50Hz, the plant have a transformation step to 400V three phase.

The voltage sags presents in the supply that we are focusing are very short typical 300ms as maximum and usually 100ms or even less.

I’m contacting you because we are in the process of technical advice for this customer and we visit the customer factory and find all of the production lines have DC motors driven by Eurotherm 590 DIGITAL SERIES.

We are trying to advice the customer and the first idea was to put an auxiliary power unit (UPS) to the control auxiliary input (they are testing this approach on one of its production lines) but we want to know if are another possibility of internal adjustment or other set on the controllers to blind the voltage sags for the control.

When a voltage sag appears the controller display the error code 0xFF03.

You can find at the bottom of this email a table with the events that affect the controller operation and you can see the magnitude of the phase – ground voltage (in % of residual voltage, in other words 100% reflect a normal phase voltage and a lower value a affected phase voltage in its RMS value), also you can see the duration of the events and there are many under of 100ms.

We want to know if you provide any support for this problem or another drive or equipment to solve this problem.

Kind regards

Ing. Emilio Toscano
Jefe Estudios Interior (Centro)
Gcia. Centro – DIS
4332 4331 - INT 6354

Duration (ms) Voltage VA (%) Voltage VB (%) Voltage VC (%) Min Cause Date & Time
288,000 3,256 2,906 2,772 2,772 SagSwell 17/02/2018 00:00
1480,000 73,302 73,650 74,005 73,302 SagSwell 23/02/2018 10:48
290,000 2,812 3,540 2,451 2,451 SagSwell 21/03/2018 05:14:03,954 a.m.
70,000 82,942 82,166 101,755 82,166 SagSwell 11/07/2018 23:41:42
89,000 76,733 103,256 55,434 55,434 SagSwell 27/07/2018 19:25:29
100,000 94,426 64,740 65,002 64,740 SagSwell 16/08/2018 23:40:10
119,000 88,560 59,162 63,774 59,162 SagSwell 21/08/2018 13:31:01
90,000 85,708 58,742 53,492 53,492 SagSwell 22/08/2018 05:02:45
69,000 67,701 67,816 68,946 67,701 SagSwell 15/09/2018 10:30:55
89,000 72,913 96,190 77,281 72,913 SagSwell 22/09/2018 20:49:16
90,000 67,594 67,291 67,764 67,291 SagSwell 25/09/2018 17:34:11
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  • `Hello Emilio

    The only way of solving this is to make the power supply more resiliant to power dips.
    It are the power reference modules who are loosing synchronization when this occurs.
    And for safety reasons they shutt down.

    My advise is to contact a DC Drive Specialist from Parker (current supplier of these drives) to help out.
    Another good company with excellent support is Sprint Electric.

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