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Problem with E+PLC400 modules

I've just started working with a E+PLC400 that we've received but I'm having a hard time to get the modules to work properly. I thought it could be a hardware problem but after trying different things I'm sure it's software.
I've got 5 modules (3xAI3, 1xDI16, 1xDO16), the outputs (DO16) work ok, the problem is with the inputs (both analogue and digital): I can only get reading on the "first" module.
Example: DI16 is in slot1, AI3 is in slot2, AI3 in slot3.
DI16 reads ok but the other two give me erratic values
If I disable DI16 on Codesys (I don't have to physically unplug it), AI3 in slot2 starts working (but only channel one!!) and AI3 in slot3 doesn't.
I doesn't matter witch order a move them or if they are plugged or unplugged, only the first one works.
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