Problems with 350x with Zirconia and HizVolt input with modbus communication.

I try to read from a scada with modbus communication driver the analog input (type 16) as mV value (address 290 modul3) and want to read a values from the zirconia block ( Oxygen 13261) I try a lot to get this two values but without success.
I can read the TempInput (13269) and a lot of other values.
I try to set Resolution to 0, read it from a UsrVal, multiply it with 100 in a Mathe2 block. all without success.
I think there is a problem with the internal convertion to a word value.
If I change to OPC, I get the values in float format.
I have no general communication errors, only this two values only with modbus drivers.
This problem cost me 2 hours at the customer and the Itools-OPCServer.
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  • Hello,
    I have tried this with a 3504 on the bench and can read the values as expected.

    With an analogue input module fitted as module 3, a voltage source connected to 3A,3D and the scaling DisplayHigh=100, DisplayLow=0, RangeHigh=1, RangeLow=0, resolution 0dp:
    an input of 0.731V gives a PV of 73 which is also returned on a Custom Tag reading address 290.
    Changing to 1dp resolution, the custom tag now returns 731 as expected.

    For the Zirconia block, I had nothing wired and simply entered some values to give a value on the Oxygen output as follows:
    Probe type %O2, OxyExp 1, TempInput 900, Probe mV 0 - this gives an Oxygen value of 20.95. Again, a customer tag reading address 13261 returns a value of 21 with resolution 0dp or 2095 with 2dp.

    If you need me to get closer to the problem, I will need a clone file of your application.
    Trevor Curry
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