Profibus comms(Eycon&2500)

Hi ,

I have been providing technical support to customer(M/s Binani Glass, India) for the system-Eycon20(profibus master) and 3 numbers of 2500(profibus slaves) .
This system was installed by OEM long back for boosting furnace.
Recently one 2500 slave found faulty for its IOC unit(2500E/S/4L00PUW/ PBUS DPv1).

Faulty IOC was replaced with spare one(2500E/S/8LOOPUW/PBUS DPv1 by downloading the backup of configuration file .
I ensured address setting on IOC terminal unit ,communication cable and configuration file of 2500 . All the tings found OK.
However Eycon is not establishing communication with this slave only.
Eycon version 4.0 and 2500 IOC version 3.7

I have following queries in this regard :

1)is communication not establishing because of replaced IOC module supports 8loop(8LOOPUW) ? as I checked in profibus gsd file editor(V3.10) that there are two options available- 2500 and 2500 8 loop instrument type

2)Is there any need of modifying profibus *.upm file to map this new IOC module since existing profibus file( *.upm ) was configured by importing *. gsd file that was produced selecting 2500 instrument type option in profibus gsd file editor.
fibus gsd file editor.

Matter is urgent . Please suggest .

Rav Kant Gupta
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