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programmer problem in PAC with third party HMI.

i am having issue with programmer in PAC t-2550 & t-2740 when communicating and transferring data from third party HMI over modbus communication.
The segment duration tag of programmer block is directly linked with the tag in HMI screen, when some time in (mins) from HMI is being transfered in PLC it accepts that time but with increased value of time.
For example.
If i give 180 mins from HMI then the time showing in the segment duration is 3hr. 17 mins , which is wrong by all means. it must show 3hrs only.
If given 60 mins then it shows 1hr. 6mins. in plc.
the whole cycle gets disturbed as the time increases in every segment hence delaying the complete cycle time.
I tried writing the time through real to time block available in library also but the segment block is not wireable and is not even accepting the values from script if written.

waiting for solution.
thank you
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