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Ramping up with two set points using Eurotherm 2116

I am using Eurotherm 2116 controller, and I would like to program a temperature ramp between temp1 and temp2, and then dwell a period of time at temp2.

My initial thought was to set SP L to temp1 and set SP H to temp2, controller is set to use option2, and then set SPRR to the temperature ramp rate. Then I will add a dwell time, and turn the STAT to run. At that moment, the timer is set to be 0.

Once I set these parameters, I restarted the oven. The oven heated up quickly, but it wouldn't slow down at SP L, so I restarted the oven again. Then it heated up slowly according to the defined SPRR. It stopped at a much lower temperature than SP H, and it started to dwell and using the timer to count down.

I must misunderstood the set point low and set point high. How can I set a two-point ramp-dwell program? Thank you!
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