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Retentive data in T2750

there should be retentive data,timers and counters in T2750 and in SQF also there should be provision of retention in step number after power failure.
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    First one need to consider safety on power cutouts and when power is returned.

    Using the Hot & Cold Start setup and setting the BrownOut time properly can result in a "Flying"start with all data retained.
    Using a FullSave at regular intervals issued from SFC will save data and states at that moment for a cold start.

    Step Data can be made even more retentive by use of Record function blocks.
    Recal at powering up / cold started database..
    RunningStep data can be remembered by this and tracked.
    Incorporate this in transitions and SFC will step to last running step before the cut-out after an cold start..
    One needs to re-design the database and SFC if regular power failures are present.
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