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Retired/lockout users can be enable in security manager.

Retired/lockout users can be enable in security manager.
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  • Jon (Official Rep) February 03, 2019 21:53
    Hello Aju,
    Hopefully, the info below should help you, this is from Security Manger help files.

    Locked out

    This field displays an automatic record indicating whether the User may access the database.

    True indicates the User is Locked out (User Id row will be greyed out in the User tab). False identifies the User is NOT disqualified.

    A User can be locked out at the Administrator’s discretion by

    Setting ‘Enabled’ from ‘False’ to ‘True’

    or automatically if

    exceeded the login attempts,

    the password has expired


    A Retired User is an account that has been terminated.

    These User details can either remain in the Project database to prevent duplication or reuse of User Ids (21 CFR part 11 compliant) or can be erased depending on the configured Regulations.


    The account will only be erased if the Keep Retired Users field is set to False and the Default Regulations are configured.


    A Retired User cannot be re-instated.
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