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review data base stuck for hour and release

we have review install in the server which collect data from some recorders and put the data in share folder in the server.
we have few computers that connected to the same network and can access to the review data base for creating graphes and open graphes for sighning(add remarks).
our problem : we can open graph and sighn it and randomly when we try to open another file we get "waiting for data base to be available" and it can take for 1 hour until it release.
we try to open the data base from the server and we have the same massage.
when we stop the service -- we could open the data base
when we start the service again -- we could open the data base.
what could be the problem ? how to diagnose and solve it ?
where can i find the log file to see why the error massage happand?
right now we make a task that every 5 min it shut off the service and on again.
we will see if it will work untill we will find a good solution.
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