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Review v4.0 automatically mode processing problem.

Hi support,

I need some help. I've a problem with the Review and Store&Forward softwares, the scenario is as follow:


*1 PAC T2550 Controller, with historical feature.
*1 Workstation as Historian Server local/FTP Server (TIPACRH)
*1 Workstation as Engineering & Operation station (TINTOUCHRH1)

*Foxboro PAC Software 6.0 (Both TIPACRH & TINTOUCHRH1)
*Store&Forward (Only TIPACRH is configurated)
*Review (TIPACRH)
*Wonderware Intouch 2012 (TINTOUCHRH1) * Operation station.
*Wonderware Historian 2012 (TIPACRH)

*1 Location : Waterhole "VW3"
*1 Control center: "Suches"
*1 radiolink infraestructure

This network is like this:

VW3 20KmSuches
[T2550] Radio Link [TIPACRH & TINTOUCHRH1]

Device IP Address


*T2550 provide control for a VSD, integration of Power monitor through Modbus TCP and reading variables as

*T2550 provide local loggin of 25 tags, divide into 3 groups.

*VW3_T01Sec 01 second of recording rate (Enable). 2 Tags.
*VW3_T10Sec 10 seconds of recording rate(Disabled). 14 Tags.
*VW3_T01Min 01 minute of recording rate (Enable). 9 Tags.
*T2550 is configured to push historical files *.uhh in 1 minute interval


After setting the control logic and all software tools , I performed the next test:

1.Unplugged the ethernet cable from TIPACRH over 4 or 5 minutes.
2-I reconnect the cable.
3-Automatically *.uhh files were send to the FTP Server into TIPACRH workstation.
4-Automatically Review Software had detected new *.uhh files and processed them saving all data into his own database.Also Review will process the uhh files in schedule way each 4 hours.
5-Automatically Store&Forward software check the gaps into Wonderware Historian and fill this empty spaces with data from Review database.
6- This works fine for minutes & hours (3 or 4 hours), but when this time is longer than 1 day review software doesn't process any new *uhh files from this days and then stop processing in automatically mode.

The avarage size of *.uhh files order by group is as follow:

| Group | Size |
|VW3_T01Sec | ~ 489Kb |
|VW3_T10Sec | ~ 146Kb |
|VW3_T01Min | ~ 42Kb |

Any suggestions to get the problem in detail, or to solve the Review software crash ?

I attach some screenshots.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Bryan (Customer Support Engineer) December 21, 2012 09:19
    Store & Forward can only repair gaps that Review has the data for. Please check that the Review database has the data. Please also check that you are not "throwing away" old gaps before Store & Forward has had a chance to repair them.

    Within the UStoreForward application ensure that Gap Max age is set to 0 to disable this feature.

    It would help to see a screen shot of the UStoreForward Application. Please email me directly.
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