Review w/Scheduled Transfer causing high CPU Usage

Review 3.11. 7, Win2003 Server, Eycon v5.2, batch process; 3 Eycons configured to push uhh to ftp folder at C:\MasterArchive; Review Scheduled Transfer runs as a service every 15 minutes; Eycons ftp every hour - just trying to catch/reduce time after batch ends and Review is updated; large # of files in C:\MasterArchive; database size is approx. 1.5GB and is pruned/purged at regular inverval; also have 3 folders named after Eycon which has copies of uhh files in C:\MasterArchive;
recently learned that Eycons should ftp to C:\MasterArchive\ instead of C:\MasterArchive; want to implement that change to see if that helps with high CPU usage, but looking for supporting evidence to satisfy customer.

So questions are....
1) Is Review scanning all the files in C:\MasterArchive every 15 minutes and determining if file is new and has new data to transfer and then copying to respective instrument sub-folder? Is this the cause of high CPU usage? Would implementing the change to the Eycon ftp directory location help reduce CPU usage?
2) If Eycons are configured to ftp to C:\MasterArchive\, wouldn't Review still have to do the same scan, determine if file has new data, and transfer on 1/3 the number of files? Wouldn't the high CPU usage still be present?
3) Does Review record what files it has processed so it doesn't have to repeatedly scan, determine is new data, etc.? Does it use the file date/time stamps to limit it search?
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  • Bryan (Customer Support Engineer) March 31, 2013 15:50
    Hi Chris,
    When review does run as a service it will consume 100% CPU, normally this is for a short period (long enough to process the new UHH files).

    The FTP destination won't affect the CPU usage of Review.

    What does affect it is altering the configuration of the recording speed for channels and groups.

    Review will typically keep an eye on files that are not 'complete'. So a file that is marked as 'complete' once processed should be ignored.

    I'm not sure it's wise to have Review use the FTP Destination as the master archive folder. I'm not sure, but I think this could cause problems.
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