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Run button problem

Hi there. We have a 2416 eurotherm controller on the furnace. A week ago run/hold button to run a program stopped working. It gives one flash when pressed and nothing happens. I checked the configuration and the button is enabled. The programm is usual, no changes, but button isn't working. Does anybody encounter similar problem? How to fix it?
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  • Bob Anderson (Technical Support Engineer) January 14, 2019 09:25
    Hello Ivan,

    You may have poor contact between the button and display pad.
    If this has become dirty you can remove the display and clean the contacts.

    Taking the normal antistic precautions, the clear retaining clips can be prised open
    and the display removed from the bezel.
    Here you can wipe the contacts.
    When refitting ensure to correctly align the two white connectors and reposition the display.
    Alternatively a new bezel or display can be purchased from your nearest Eurotherm office.
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