Running 2704 through Labview

I have a 2704 controller and I plan on running it directly from Labview. From what I have seen there are no drivers developed for this already, or am I wrong? I have a seen some drivers for other models and it looks like I can use the VISA modules to control it. However, are the Modbus address online or are they very similar for the models offer.
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  • Jon (Official Rep) June 22, 2017 07:48
    Hello Chito,
    We don’t have a LabView driver for 2604/2704 range of controllers.

    The ET24xx Labview driver designed to work with the 24xx product range. The 2604/2704 uses different Modbus addresses and data types.

    The ET24xx Labview driver can be modified to work with some of the 2604/2704 parameters but this might not be a trivial task.

    My suggestion is to use the iTools OPC server to handle all the low level comms transactions and use Labview to display and request parameter values. This can be achieved by using datasockets (part of Labview) or use NI OPC s/w package (add on needs to be purchased).
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