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T2550 Pr and SeHstErr and ftp connections issues

Have 10 duplex T2550s w/7p4 firmware ftp'ing uhh files every 5 minutes to a Windows Server 2008 R2 server with ftp configured. Each processor, with some regularity, reports PrHst1Er or SeHst1Er alarms. The two alarms do not always occur at the same time, it usually the PrHst or SeHst alarm only. Usually at the next 5 minute update, the alarm is cleared as the processor is able to successfully ftp files. I have explained that (I believe) the issue is infrasturcture related. That is not a good enough answer for the customer. I would like to know exactly what raises and details of the PrHst and SeHst alarms? If the connection times out, what is the retry? How many times does it retry before declaring the alarms? Is there any way to 'tune' the ftp connection, i.e. change the number of retries, the time out period?
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