T800 + Review "Too Big log File" event

On a T800 with batch and uhh transfered to review we have the following event logged in Review :

Deleted Log File
Too Big Log File

In the user manual we can find in the event dictionnary :

V103 Deleted Log File 8 characters 16 characters
V104 Too Big Log File 8 characters 16 characters

We do not know what it really means.

Thanks for your help
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  • Bryan (Customer Support Engineer) March 18, 2013 11:57
    <Group Name> Too Big Log File” This means:
    The batch recording has continued for a long time which means the batch must span multiple UHH files. This will result in multiple entries seen in the find batch function of Review - these are batch continuations, not restarts!

    This is seen like this due to the fact the batch is spanning multiple UHH files. It is one batch! Use the option in the Review GoTo dialog labelled 'Merge batches with matching descriptors' to only show one entry per batch in Review.

    The warning seen as “<Group Name> Too Big Log File” is telling you that the UHH file in use has been brought to an end and a new UHH file has been started to continue recording the batch data. This is not a restart of the batch.

    <NAME>.UHH Deleted Log File” - this is the message given when an T800 or Eycon is forced to wrap the recording buffer and has not archived the UHH file to FTP or Review. This message can also be triggered if you are collecting the UHH files over network explorer - since this is a manual process, the T800 has not marked the UHH files as archived. When the recording buffer wraps around, this message is triggered.
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