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The camera does not heat up (controller 2416)

Good afternoon!
There was a problem with one temperature chamber on which the controller Eurotherm 2416 is.
The essence of the problem lies in the following:
We set the heating temperature in the HOLD mode, the heating indication OP1 appears on the screen, but the heating does not occur. In this case, no error occurs, the mode indication lamps are lit. In the autotune mode, the TUNE is the same.
Recently, before that, problems were noted with increasing time spent on heating to the maximum temperature of the camera.
Please tell us how to fix this failure, whether it is necessary to debug the parameters of the controller or whether there might be problems with the heating elements
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  • Hello Alexander,
    that looks to me like a "regular" physical/ electrical problem.
    The 2416 wants to heat, the OP1 is lighted.
    The question is why the temperatur doesn't rise:
    either the output of the 2416 is defect or there is something wrong with your heater.
    That is probably the reason because you had problems before to reach the temperature.
    Do not change anything at the controller but ask an electrician to check the heater part.
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