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Three Port Temp Top Up

I'm looking for a controller to drive a three port valve actuator open and closed to control the temperature output (75 degC). eg If the temp >setpoint the actuator will close in pulse steps and if temp<setpoint the valve will open likewise. Would a 2100 controller be suitable (0-10Vdc valve control signal)
Many thanks
Russ Linley
Phoenix Biomass Heating Specialists
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  • Bob Anderson (Technical Support Engineer) August 07, 2015 15:08
    Hello Russ,

    If the actuator requires a 0-10V analogue linear input you cannot use a 2132.

    Not sure if I understand the pulse steps and 0-10V input, so please check the actuator input requirements.

    The 2132 does not have a DC O/P so I suggest the 3216.
    Maybe:- 3216/CC/VH/RCXX/X/XXX/G/ENG/ENG/XXXXX/XXXXX/XXXXX/RES500/X/////////
    This has an isolated 0-20mA output on 2A and 2B, it comes with a 500 ohm resistor which is placed across 2A and 2B to convert mA to 0-10V.
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