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Time slot not running!! need help fast, hard to find someone that can help fix my antiquated machine..

hi, I am fairly new to blow molds and don't have much experience troubleshooting them.
I have a Davis-Standard 15 lb, blowmold. s.n. 57276 built in '97,with Barber Coleman Maco 8000 controls and a Touch-Trol monitor.
it intermittently will loose its time slot and disable all user functions and when it does the clamp will drift closed on its own until you e-stop the machine. upon start up you can calibrate the controls. but when you go to semi-auto and try and run a cycle it faults out and gives a "time slot not running" error.
again, I am not familiar with these controls and I'm not even sure where to even start.
please, if anyone out there can steer me into the right direction it would be very appreciated.
thanks Kurt
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