Time-resetting on 6100A

Hi all,
One of our customer has time-resetting problem with 6100A recorders.
They have been using 6 recorders and they reported this problem on one of the recorders in October 2012. We adviced to change the battery.
They changed battery but the problem occurred again.
The serial number of this recorder is PL121400365-1412-PL3.

They bougth a new one last month (Our PO No:TS-12/071-A, item5). They have been using it since 3rd of December. They reported that the same problem occurred in this new recorder at the weekend. It resetted the time to '01.01.2000'

Our customer is a factory working in shifts and producing spare parts for plane engine manufacturer like Airbus and RollsRoyce and it needs an urgent solution for this problem.

Please let me know.

Thanks a lot in advance
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