TIme Sync with FoxboroPAC 6 and System Platform

Running FoxboroPAC6.0 w/System Platform 2012 P01,Historian and Store & Forward (S&F). For S&F, need Time Sync. Using TOD, not SNTP. There is no place in the PAC_DINetwork object to select Time Synchronization. If Time Synch is enabled in the LIN Ports Editor of the target platform, when the platform, et. al is deployed, the LIN Ports setting get overriden by the deployment. One must manually return to the LIN Ports editor and re-configure. How can the Time Synchronizaiton be selected and not overriden. At this point, SNTP is not an option.
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  • CJ Wood (Software Development Engineer) January 31, 2013 15:54
    At the time of writing, as you say, the time synchronisation option is not supported by PAC_DINetwork deployment. This means that you must manually turn on the time synchronisation option after every deployment to the workstation.

    In the next release this has been mitigated by preventing the PAC_DINetwork object from overriding the existing configuration on deployment to the workstation. This means that you will only have to configure the setting once through the LIN Ports Editor on the workstation, and the setting will be remembered. However, you will still not be able to configure the setting from the PAC_DINetwork.
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