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Tips for Getting (and Giving) Value on the Eurotherm Support Community Site

New here? Let us help you find your way around!

We want this community to be useful and enjoyable for everyone involved, so we gathered some tips and guidelines.

Tips finding and posting things

Posting is searching too! When you type a question or idea in the box at the top of the main page and click "Continue", the system looks for a topic that matches. If there's a match, you can read and add to that topic instead of starting a new one.

Specify your product. If there's no match and you do post a new topic, please be sure to specify which product you're posting about so the person responding won't have to ask. It's most helpful to do this in the title and via the "product" checkbox when you post.

Pictures really are worth 1,000 words! A screenshot or even a short video goes a long way toward communicating clearly.

Tips for browsing or keeping up to date

View posts about a specific product. To see the latest posts about any product, view that product's page.

Subscribe to posts about a specific product. Visit the page for the product you're interested in, then click the Follow button (for email notifications) or the orange "subscribe" icon (for the RSS feed).

Community guidelines

Add value. Share what you know, ask good questions, take the time to include details. If you offer a product or service that is useful to the Eurotherm support community, be a community contributor first and a marketer second.

Respect people. Give people the benefit of the doubt, just like you would if talking to them in person. Posts that include personal attacks and gratuitous profanity will be removed, as they do not contribute to the atmosphere we want to establish.
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