Tuning the 2404 controller

Hi, I’m Sara
I would like to know how to tune my controller because I want to use the programmer mode to use a ramp rate-programming which begins in 30°C and finishes at 950°C with a rate of 1°C/min, I used the auto-tuning option but I got a tune error I think that happed because the process is too slow. My controller is the Eurotherm 2404/P4
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  • Hi Sara,
    if the auto tuning process takes more then two hours it stops and you get that tune error.
    If it is possible ( within the two hours limit ) split the temperature range in two parts to auto tune separately. Write down the PID settings.
    The 2404 has two seperate settings of PID's. You have to activate the Gain Sheduling at Config Mode/ Inst / GSch - Yes ( s. GSch-1 ).
    Now you can set the limit to switch from PID1 to 2. Full Access/ PID/ GSP ( s. GSch-2 ). This value is the PV at which the PID's are changing.
    Write back the different PID values manually to PID1 and 2.
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