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Unable to change setpoint on Eurotherm 2408 controller above 100 degrees F from front panel.

How can I change the setpoint from the front panel of a Eurotherm 2408 controller above 100 degrees F? We replaced this controller on a heating element bank and need the setpoint to be 440 degrees F but it will not allow me to change the setting above 100.
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  • Bob Anderson (Technical Support Engineer) April 01, 2015 07:17
    Hello James,

    Enter Full level and Page to SP List.
    Scroll down to SP H adjust the setpoint high limit to your maximum value.
    If this does not alter follow the instructions below and then re-try the above.

    Enter ConF level.
    Page to PU ConF.
    Scroll to rnG.H.
    Adjust your to your new value.
    Exit config level.
    Follow the above Full access instructions above.

    You should now be able to increase your setpoint.
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