Using Hisrschmann Managed Switch or Router

About the subjetc two LIN networks - the last replay from Martin de Jong was: "One way or the other you have to bridge the gap between networks.
Use a Hirschmann Managed Switch or a Router.
A PC with 2 off NIC's is not preferred in a factory.
With Lin Node numbering you have 254 addresses available and when joining Networks they need to be unique for each node.
For this number of node's you need to contact engineering department to get proper assistance and advise. "
But the customer trying use a Cisco 2900 Router, they get a ping between networks but do not get LIN Protocol.
Why must be a Hirschmann Managed Switch or a Router? Does anybody can take success using Hirschmann?? Have it some special feature to work with LIN Protocol?
We have extremelly urgency about this information.
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