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I’m frustrated

Versadac & HMI. Modbus values missing

Hi everyone,

I have a system to control temperature in a preheater with hi temp alarms, hi rate, open circuit TC, etc.

Due to Eurotherm 2500 will be out soon, I have replace it for a Versadac unit for my future projects. All comms HMI-VERSADAC were right (setpoint modbus ok, temps, etc.) but i found a problem: when I was connected to itools online in my laptop, checking values, etc., when I clicked to config and return to online, values from HMI turns to -9999.0 (NO DATA) (I see HMI and the setpoint is OK).

Inputtimeout parameter from Versadac is 0, to avoid this problem (think)

Any solution or comment about?

Really thanks in advance!
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