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Where can I find a 2208e modbus mapping?

I want to communicate a s7-1200 Siemens PLC with 10 "Eurotherm 2208e " via Modbus.
First of all, I want to know the pinout in order to connect the "2208e" to my pc using a Serial-USB cable.
Then I need to know the modbus mapping.
Thank u.
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  • Hi Mario,
    first of all you have to know what kind of comms are fitted at your 2208e.
    The connections are:

    To get to know the addresses you can either download the Series2000 Communications Handbook at the Eurotherm homepage or the free software iTools.
    Start it, start a new file and select the 2200e.
    There you will find any parameter.
    Good luck
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