I’m confused

Past events returned

i am trying to query for current week's events by passing the date parameter in the format as per API docs. But i am getting lot of events from the past.
Ex: when i have queried for events between 29/mar to 3/apr for New York City, NY state i have received events in 2010 december, october, january 2011 etc.

When we ran our query for one week, we could note that for Newyork city, NY- current week, the API is returning around 1,72,082 events which was very huge. We have pulled around 26000 events into a separate database and verified the data, following are the observations:
1. Start time and stop time before 29/mar: 4,509
2. Start time before 29/mar and no end time: 17,151
3. Start time within current week and no end time: 3006

Am i doing something wrong? please advise. Attached is the screen shot with my queries to the API.
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