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Defensive Trebuchet Leveling should be nerfed

Treb Levelling has been a big issue nowadays with the dawn of instant trebs politics heroes

1. People are selling off heroes leveled using defensive trebs
2. Botters are profiting by selling off the gold and stone they farm for trebs levelers
3. People are using bots to level heroes (what human can repeat the same 10 click routine for 24hrs nonstop?)

Suggestion: why not nerf the experience gained by making trebs?

Instead of 83 experience per treb (913,000 experience per full 11k treb build),
can nerf it to 8 experience per treb or even less.

Trebs are meant to be used as a defensive wall fortification, not as a means to gain hero experience.

Ultimately, this is to stop people from selling heroes, and nerf botters advantages as well.
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