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Evony Coin-Free Server

Hi im a frequent user of and was wondering about 1 just 1 coin free server, it would benefit those who do not wish to spend money on the game or those who don't have a credit card, or those who their parents wont let them.

A coin free server does not make evony any money but you guys still do have plenty of other servers for coiners.

I still think that it would be a great idea if as people gain higher prestige, it highers their title and rank, this would stop prestige farmers and make a fair game for all, after all evony's motto is: Free Forever, it may be free to play but it's not free to succeed, if you look at all the top players, they spend money by buying resourses and speedups to level up quick, and also may buy medals to gain titles and ranks of their desire

like i said gaining higher prestige on a coin free server you would up your title and rank, and also stop prestige farmers.

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