I’m frustrated

market prices need 2 b alot lower on ss63

i must congratulate you on the server merger on 139 to make it a ss63~ i must write this on behalf of all of us who play on this server; we r starving & dying off because the market prices r way 2 high & merging 4 servers into 1 has made it extremely difficult to build troops much less fight. we need food to survive & res to build troops to fight & when u r selling your res to buy food to survive & farming all the 10s u can & still losing the battle of troop upkeep to defend your city & others that attack u for food only~ u have no game. the fun is not their~ we have been reduced to farmville & ppl r quitting because of all these issues~ how can u help make this game go better? i have been in several super server mergers & the prices r nothing compared to these extremely high prices in the market.
the map is way to small 4 all the servers 2 be on~ we need your help evony~ this is the 1st time i must add that i cant play the game as it is designed to b~ a war game its become the war of survival w/food.
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