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Medals and Hero Persuasion

Posted in Game Suggestion Box on 23/06 and it was suggested that it be posted here too.

I am (grudgingly) willing to accept that developers will NOT be increasing the drop rate of medals or allowing them to drop from NPCs again. And while their reasoning is somewhat sound from a business standpoint; medal boxes are big earners for them, it does little in the way of customer satisfaction.

There are 2 reasons why players try to collect medals - increasing their Title and Rank and Hero Persuasion.

The first one I don't see as a major problem but the second one is.

A change should be made so that all medals can be used for hero persuasion but with a different points value associated to the medal.

For example, instead of a lvl 400 hero requiring 36 nations to persuade, it should cost 36,000 points. With a Nation medal being worth 1000 points and scaled down for different medals with a Justice medal being worth 800 and so on. This could be implemented in the same way hero experience and exp books are but with medals used instead.

Nation - 1000
Justice - 800
Freedom - 700
Avg. Senior medal box -7500 points

Wisdom - 500
Courage - 400
Honour - 300
Avg Medium medal box - 3600 points

Lion - 250
Rose - 150
Cross - 100
Avg. Junior medal box - 1500 points

Players will still need to have the appropriate title to persuade.

This would not only make captured heroes more accessible to more players and increase customer satisfaction but also drive up buying of other medal boxes and increase the functionality of medals once you've completed your titles and quests.
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