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I’m Sad and Frustrated

Nation Medals

Its too exhausting to hit valleys for medals. Myself, along with others are tired of hitting hundreds of valleys everyday, to try and find medals. So I propose the following:

Either a- Change the medal drop rates, and change it from where they drop. The Old Server (Server 3 from where I was) It was too easy... The New Server (SS37) Where I am currently, its way too hard. 1/5 hits on a level 10 barb for a Justice or Nation...Even 1/10. Its demoralizing to see you capture an enemy city, find a great hero, but realize you just don't have enough medals.

Or B- Make it so you can buy medals. No one is going to drop $24 for 1-3 Nation medals. Thats insane. Make it so we can buy the medals... 10c per. You'd create revenue, while keeping players happy, and also have more players pay for the extra perks.

Please let us know whats going on with these Super Servers... they're a great idea, but every idea has flaws.
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