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I’m concerned, I have a 15 set so doesnt really affect me however it affects my members.

Uprise Buff Exploit After Recent Fix

Dear Evony Team,
I see the reason you removed the uprise exploit. People who are suzed should be able to use the uprise to gain freedom, as I believe that was what it was intended for. However, now that you have done this there are several other ways to exploit this uprise. Now people can suz themselves with their alternative accounts, or allow the enemy to suz them for the uprise buff to attack a Historic City. Is this fair? The uprise buff is intended to allow one to gain freedom from being suzed, not to intentionally be suzed to be able to gain an advantage on attacking others. People with 15 sets doing this is very deadly to smaller players, I congratulate them on getting their 15 set, however they shouldn’t be suzed to just attack a Historic city. Should they? Is this fair?
Basically you are giving people with high stars the ability to pummel others with a buff that’s intended to be used to gain freedom. As I said a 15 set should be able to gain freedom easily, instead it will be used to gain the advantage on historic cities that are owned by players with lower gear/ star sets.

I believe, personally that no Historic city should be able to be attacked by a player that is suzed. If you are suzed your first priority should be getting free from your suzerain, if that’s not your priority then you’re exploiting the uprise buff correct?

My question(s) to you:
You removed the availability to exploit the uprise buff and only allowed it to be applied to one city correct?
You did this to allow smaller players that are suzed to have a small advantage against larger players to gain freedom correct?
Is it intended to be used by players with 15 sets or very good stars to pummel Historic cities owned by smaller players with lower stars/ gear sets?

I would like to ask Evony to remove the ability to attack HC’s when you are suzed or your city is occupied by another player. It’s not fair, in my opinion in the bigger scheme of things.

Thanks for your attention to this.
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