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Expedia Price-Match Guarantee is a Scam!

The Expedia 'Price Match Guarantee' is a complete scam. First, it takes so long for an agent to look up the site and the appropriate itinerary on another site, the fare could be sold out or price changed. You'd think that if they do this all day as their job, they'd be better at running a search for airline prices or hotel rates. This is what happened the first time I called them. Too slow to get to the page, the lower rate on the other site was sold out. Oh well.

I purchased an airline ticket yesterday on Expedia and saw a lower rate on the airline's own website. I called in, and after a slow arduous search, the agent *actually* verified that the rate *was* lower on the other site. He "tried" to go ahead and honor the price match guarantee, but a few minutes later, says that since it's not been 30 minutes yet since I made the purchase, the Expedia system wouldn't let him see my reservation (even though I could see it as completed, and ticket issued on Well, since it had already been 30 minutes since the I made reservation, because of the time it took me to reach him and get him to complete the search on the other site, I asked him to try again. And he did, only to say that the system would not let him process and approve the price match because of "some" error.

He offered to cancel my flight and ticket and give me a full-refund. Ha!
So Expedia would rather lose a ticket sale and give a refund rather than come true on their price match guarantee? Well, I ended up getting the refund and purchased a ticket on Hotwire at a much lower price.

I have been using Expedia for well over 6 years now and have been a fan. But with these two incidences, I guess Expedia has lost me as a customer forever.

Thanks Expedia!
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