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I’m frustrated

Facebook Reactivation and Email problems

"I Can't Seem to Reactivate My Account and I Don't Have Access to My Login Email Address"

The email which I signed up with facebook for started to have major problems where i couldnt even read/open any of my email so I deleted that address, and because of that I can't reactivate my facebook.

I looked up on facebook help what to do, and I filled out the correct form and emailed them as well. I emailed them twice (at and, and I've waited for almost a week now and I still have no responce.

Does it really take them this long to reply to my email? ....Or should I say do they ever actually respond/help with these situations?
Is there anything else I can do to get my account back besides manually remaking a whole new facebook? (It would be a bother to have to re-add everyone and do everything all over.)
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