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I’m frustrated

FaceBook Screws Over another client!

I joined FB so I could promote my cure for famine,
, but I didn't have the blog when I joined. I thought I would be able to post my documents on FB, but I found out there was no way to do it. So, I joined Twitter to see if I could get people to see me on FB about my documents. 170 Tweets, 0 bites. So. I thought for a while and came up with the blog idea, and went ahead to create it. I was thinking I could use facebook to promote my blog, but when I started sending out messages (with url's), I only got three, I think, messages out when my account was shutdown. I was informed that this was a response to my 'spamming', but i think my probem started before that when I asked phillis sauve if she would check out my blog to help stop famine. She said, 'I don't blog'. So, I replied, 'not even to stop famine?', she said no and got mad. She then threatened me, not to start anything with her because, "I would not win". Then She posted an image on my wall that accused me of being a hater, and how she was keeping real. Real Evil maybe. So afterwards, i was thinking, what the hell do i have here, and why would she say, "I don't blog"? This is what tells me that she works for FB. Anyways, I was thinking about how evil she was and that I didn't want someone like that as my 'friend', so when I had the chance, I un-'friend'ed her. That's when i noticed funny things happening. I had a hard time posting anything. I would start typing something & then it would reset. I would keep trying and it would keep resetting until I got p/o'ed and signed out. The next time I logged on was after I got my blog going, and I was emailing messages with my urls when it shutdown ...See beginning of this story. And here I am now wondering if I have to call FB's administration offices or what?
I just wanted to add that when I try to log in now, I get a security check page. It says to enter a phone number in order for them to 'text' me a code that will enable me to login. But I don't have a cell, so that isn't an option. So, I thought, I'll use my friends cell #. So I put it in there, and a window came up saying that the message would be texted soon. It never happened. and if I try to do it again, I get a message saying that I have requested too many codes and i must try later. It has been a couple of days, and it's the same thing. Is this a privacy issue? Shoukd I talk to a lawyer? Can anyone help? Please!
Thanks in advance! Peace!
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